Genuine stories about life, events and people. Stories that sink in, that get under the skin. ‘What’, ‘who’ and ‘when’, but particularly ‘why’ and ‘how’.

It is my mission to connect – preferably unfamiliar – worlds and subcultures.

I want to represent through purity. Authenticity is an art. Saying much with little. I love observations from a distance. I hope to catch intimacy and intensity in gestures and attitudes. Artificial lighting is usually unnecessary.

Primary conditions for a good story: The easy road leads nowhere. Entrenched ideas topple. Making the impossible possible and going at least one step beyond what is already known or has already been made. Conquering obstacles and disappointments, never giving up. Persistant researching, until you get down to the very bottom. Becoming one whole with your surroundings.

So a special story demands much patience, perseverance and empathy from the author. It is a process that both the director and the portrayed must go through in order to achieve a result.

I do not believe in mass production, but in ‘fewer, better, bigger’. I am convinced that quality can be achieved through purity, as ‘an honest story has the most success when it is told unvarnished’, yet I hope not to be too pretentious, because ‘perfection exists merely through its pursuit’. 

Nothing happens without an effort. I do not hesitate to give my all for a story. Or to -physically- ‘stand in the mud’.